In which I freak out because Twitter rocks.

Around the time Butter turned six months old, I convinced Husband that cloth diapering was a great idea. I got a lot of my information from a board on called “The Eco Friendly Family.” Though I’ve been missing from that board for months for personal reasons, I started posting again recently.

Right around the time I did, one of the posters there (Cassie) received horrible news about her baby boy (Sam). He’s got stage 4 neuroblastoma. The ladies on the EFF board are wonderful and set up a fundraiser to help Cassie (Sam’s mom) with the medical expenses. COBRA will cost Sam’s family around $1500 a month and because she wants to be with Sam, Cassie has dropped to PRN, or “as needed,” status at her job and will be ineligible for benefits beginning in June.

Jill over at BabyRabies started the #helpSam fundraiser on her blog and blew her initial goal of $1000 out of the water in a few short hours. The most recent update says the total raised so far is $52 shy of $4500 – three whole months worth of COBRA coverage.

Today, Cassie posted on the EFF board that it was her mission to get as many people to tweet about #helpSam as possible. I tweeted Rob Thomas (@ThisIsRobThomas) just to see if I could get him to RT the link to the BabyRabies post. I just checked that tweet on my own page and it’s been retweeted by 53 people including Rob Thomas. He’s got over 160,000 followers on twitter.

The second I saw his name pop up in my feed as one of the retweeters, I burst into tears.

Please click on the link to BabyRabies and #helpSam if you can.

You can also visit Cassie’s blog here.

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