Panic Mode

If you know me, or have ever traveled with me, you know I tend to go into panic mode before a trip.

M would tell you [with a laugh] that I’m very predictable, down to the, “Forget it, I’m not going.” [I’m proud to say that has not happened this time . . . yet.]

I am a little paranoid about what still isn’t done around the house. And I haven’t started packing yet. I’ll be gone for six days; this is kind of a big deal. I’m always worried I’ll forget something, though. I should probably make a list, but that would make entirely too much sense.

It’s also the longest I’ve ever been away from my kids. Oh, and my husband.

I only have about a million things to do tomorrow [okay, at least two]. I have a class from 9-12 and a doctor’s appointment at 3:45. That particular appointment got moved twice in the last week, by the way. What can I say? My doctor likes to over schedule herself.

So what’s on the agenda for the trip? When I arrive on Wednesday, we’re going into LA. There’s a trip to Disneyland, and to the San Diego Zoo. [I totally get to knock off a few things on my 101 list!]

I’m excited, but man am I in panic mode. Watch for my tweets. They’re sure to be hilarious.

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