My Feet Hurt

Tonight my husband told me that he is amazed I can walk in flip flops with as much walking as we’ve done in the past two days.

My flip flops are my most comfortable shoes. If I could run in them, I totally would. But I can’t, and aside from my running shoes, they’re the only thing I brought to put on my feet. I don’t mind at all, except when I realize my feet have turned basically black from walking in said shoes all day.

And honestly, my feet don’t hurt as much as one would think. Do they? Obviously. But it’s minor when I realize I’m seeing my kids see Disney World for the first time. Yesterday morning when we walked into the Magic Kingdom, I almost cried watching Butter see Cinderella’s Castle for the first time. Few things have warmed my heart more than Bear chattering about, “Mickey! Mickey! Mickey, Mama!” since we got here on Saturday.

This is all new for me. I’m seeing this place in a completely new light. I gotta say . . . it’s beautiful.

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