I Have SO Much to Talk About

But there’s this little problem of me being exhausted.

The kids left with their grandparents earlier today.¬† M & I have tomorrow to ourselves, in order to celebrate our sixth anniversary. It’s really hard to believe we got married six years ago, but that’s a post for tomorrow. If I can remember to do it.

For now, I’ll just say we spent more time than I ever have at the Magic Kingdom. I didn’t know it could be so enjoyable. I got to ride the Tower of Terror. Butter rode it with me, and he didn’t hate it, but he said he didn’t want to ride it again. That’s fine. We’ll try again in a few years. Bear finally got to meet Mickey this morning, and he. flipped. out. He also gave Stitch a kiss on the nose. Don’t worry, I totally got that on film memory card.

We saw amazing fireworks at Epcot. We spent some time at Blizzard Beach.

We rode Big Thunder Mountain more than once. We rode Splash Mountain more than twice. I rode a roller coaster with my kid. [Sorry, Drs. Zager & Mess√©.] We saw beautiful animals at Animal Kingdom [and oh, how that place has grown in the last eight years!]. I absolutely teared up when Butter saw Cinderella’s Castle for the first time.

I cried as we were leaving today because it almost didn’t seem fair that my kids are going home and I’m staying here.

Happy Friday, everyone.

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