Dear Friends in the ‘Burgh,

I will be in town for three days in December.

There has been mention in the past of doing a get together.

So let’s plan it.

I’ll be there 12/12-12/14. Tell me when is good for you. Husband & Butter will likely be with me [And just throwing this out there… Sunday lunch is probably best for us, but we are accommodating], so bring your husbands and kids. Food is good, parks are good. Just let me know when and where and we’ll be there. I’m up for suggestions. Leave comments here, @ reply me on Twitter, or email me at [email protected]

Let’s have fun! 🙂

One Reply to “Dear Friends in the ‘Burgh,”

  1. This is comment #1 from me.
    I will think this over and comment again.
    Welcome to WordPress and welcome back to the interwebs.
    See you soon! I missed you, MamaFriend!

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