Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

Would it be shameful of me to admit I can’t think of five things that made me laugh this week?

Aside from the lack sleep – did you read about how I now know why animals eat their young? – I’m not recovering quite as quickly this time around. Sure, I stopped taking the pain medication, but I just feel slower. I get tired a lot faster this time around, lose my temper way more quickly, etc.


The one thing I can think of that made me laugh, even though I heard it second hand: My mom was here until yesterday. One morning, after I hadn’t slept all night, then got up after a few hours of sleep, she told me the boys had been sitting on the couch. Butter was covered up by the afghan, and was playing our version of Peek-a-Boo [we call it Peek-a-Bear, for obvious reasons] with LB. Apparently, LB picked up the other end of the afghan and started to cover up his face in between giggling at his brother. He wanted to be the one popping out instead of having Butter do it!

Looking forward to more laughs this week!


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  1. Maybe only one laugh but it was certainly very cute! We both had one laugh this week and both our laughs had to do with peek a boo! I hope you continue to feel better! HUGS

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