Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

This week was exhausting, to say the least. But my babies kept me laughing long and hard – even when it hurt.

5. Last Saturday, Butter came to visit me at the hospital. I don’t know who was more excited between the two of us. He was very excited to climb up on my bed with me and gave me a great big hug. Then, he proceeded to tell me, “That button means ‘Call the nurse!’ and try to push every. single. button. on my bed. He was only distracted by his Pop’s nook.

4. Wednesday afternoon, M and I picked Butter up from school and took him grocery shopping. In the span of ten seconds [I’m not even joking] he said, “Gigi is my favorite. My steering wheel [a toy he asked to have in the car] isn’t working. Go! Stop! Turn that way! Mama, green means go! I talk a lot!”

3. Two days ago, I was in the bathroom. M rushed in and proceeded to show me a video on his phone. I stared at him for a second and asked, “This couldn’t wait five minutes!?” M hasn’t sent me the video, but it was of Little Bear literally licking the bowl the other night after I’d made chicken chili.

2. When I got home last Sunday, Butter was snuggling on the floor with me. He told me my leg had hurt him [because I had stubble from not having shaved in a few days]. Which leads me to number 1 . . .

1. Yesterday, Butter again said, “Ow! Your leg hurt me!” I told him, “Bud, I shaved two days ago.” He looked at me with a serious boo boo lip and said, “But it didn’t work!” Guess every one is a critic these days!



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  1. The last one is hysterical- but it didn’t work- KIDS!! Green means I go- I talk a lot! Your house must be so fun! They sound so adorable! How are you feeling by the way? Loved your laughs! Have a great rest of the weekend!

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