Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

Let’s see if I kept track better this week….

5. Monday night, I turned Jeopardy! on. Butter randomly said, “Jeopardy! That’s just what I needed!”

4. M was gracious enough to let me sleep late on Wednesday. When I finally got downstairs around 11 a.m., Little Bear was so excited to see me, he smiled and fell on his face in his haste to crawl over to where I was standing.

3. In other Little Bear news, we were lounging on the couch on Wednesday and he bit my big toe. I didn’t know he had my foot near his mouth until he bit down, and I jumped and yelled so loudly I scared him. Poor baby!

2. Butter was standing right next to me one day this week. LB was napping, so I knew the odor I smelled wasn’t a dirty diaper. I asked Butter if it was him, and he shook his head. He blamed it on his brother. He’s learning awfully early!

1. Thursday, M came home and made Butter lunch. All of a sudden, Butter says, “Pop, you know what makes me sick?” M asked him what he meant, and he said, “Mommy’s cooking!” Gee, thanks kid. See if I ever make you mac & cheese again!



2 Replies to “Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs”

  1. Lol kids are something else. My daughter told my husband yesterday that I was lazy because I left them in pj’s all day. I figured we were not gong anywhere why mess up clothes.

  2. Oh no, mommys cooking makes me sick- I am laughing because this is something H would say! I love that he loves Jeopardy- too funny! He definitely is learning young! Thanks for making me laugh as usual:) Happy 2012

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