Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

I have one funny quote from Butter, and a few pictures this week. One is not so much funny as it is adorable, but anyway.

So last Friday, M and I went to Costco while Butter was in school. While we were there, we bought a case of juice boxes. When we got home, the boys wanted juice with their lunch. I was explaining to Butter that it wasn’t cold, because I hadn’t put the boxes in the fridge just yet. He told me, “You better do!” I said, “Excuse me?!” and he replied with, “You better do, ma’am!” Guess that whole politeness thing is finally rubbing off on him?

And now for the pictures . . .

This is the cute one.

I’m often surprised by the things I find in my basement . . .

My husband, everyone.

And finally, this one. I cannot come up with an accurate caption for this one, because I laugh too hard every time I look at it.


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