Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

There have been quite a few funny moments thisĀ  week.

If only I’d written them down, like I had in the past. I swear, my brain is on a mission to make me forget e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g I’ve ever known. True story.

5. Butter has had such a good time finding our Elf on the Shelf so far. Each day, he rattles off where Hymn has been the past few days. It’s hilarious . . . except when the Elf is in the same place it was last night because Mommy and Pop totally forgot about it and started cursing the Elf out at 12:30 a.m. Whoops.

4. This isn’t kid related, but it is funny. Tuesday night, the ILs took the kiddos, so M and I went out to trivia. At one point, the host [who is a good friend of ours] cracked me up because of the music he plays between rounds. He was playing Red Solo Cup, which had just been on Glee that night. I haven’t watched Glee in forever. [Maybe you had to be there?]

3. LB has started to really laugh at everything Butter does. He can watch his big brother make faces for hours. He did it about four times this week.

2. Two nights ago, I set out to clean up our bedroom. It’s been kind of a dumping ground for, well, just about everything in our house that doesn’t get dumped in the loft lately. I laughed for a solid five minutes when I found something I’d been looking for, for ages. What was it? A tiny piece of paper I got last Christmas. It was a gift tag from my boys.

1. The best thing about this week? Waking up to my boys giggling together over the monitor. M said he started to jump up when he heard them, but when he realized they were playing together so beautifully, he shrugged and decided to let them go. Not funny to us, but obviously the boys thought something was hilarious!


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  1. The elf on the shelf- My daughter can’t for the life of her find it either and same as Butler, it is in the same place,lol. #4 made me laugh because Glee is my favorite show! I love that they imitate each other! I love that the boys play so cute together- I hope my two are going to be like this! Love your laughs! Made me laugh:) Thanks for linking up!

  2. I am a new follower. Found you through the 5 laughs blog hop. I like the last one with your boys laughing together at the computer. Sounds cute!

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