Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

I know I said this last week, but I can’t believe it’s already June.

1. On Saturday, Butter said a prayer over dinner. He said, “I want a stethoscope!” Whoops!

2. Little Bear invented a new game this week. We call it the Pop Flop. Pop lays down on the floor & LB flops down on him.

3. On Tuesday, we went to the Atlantic City Aquarium. Butter got a hot pink sea turtle. He was throwing it when we got home on Wednesday night. Pop sent the turtle to the thinking chair because she “needed to think about why she was being thrown around.”

4. Wednesday night, LB was up late. Pop finally told him it was bed time, and put his head down and pretended to snore. Little Bear copied him exactly!

5. There are a few distinct ways the family knows, without a doubt, that Little Bear is my child. One of those it that he trips over flat surfaces. No joke, he did it more than four or five times the other night and his Pop decided it was time to put him in bed. I told him sleep doesn’t cure clumsiness.


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  1. Haha- I want a stethelscope- what a prayer,lol! Pop Flop- I need to try this! I can so relate to #5 because H and I are like this! So cute with #4- Such cute laughs! I always love reading them!!

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