Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

How on earth is it already the third week of May? Will time just slow down, please?


Fine. Whatever. I’ll write out my laughs for the week. [All one of them I can remember right now. Let’s hope sitting here will be inspiring to me.]

1. Thursday night, we were at the family fellowship gathering our church holds every other week. This week it was at the church office above the produce market it owns. The adults were gathered in one room and the kids were in another. At one point, M heard Little Bear crying, so he went to get him. After that, LB started running around with one of the little girls who is about his age. They were chasing each other everywhere, and he kept trying to tickle her. When he tried to give her a hug, she pushed him away. He looked a little stunned, but started going after her again. Her mom and I both laughed, and I told her dad I know he hopes she feels the same way about boys when she’s about 16.

2. Last night, after LB was in bed, we asked Butter nicely to pick up his toys. He picked up some of the books he and his brother had thrown all over the living room, then sat down on the couch. We both kind of looked at him and told him he needed to finish picking up. He looked at us and said, “I’m gonna pass.” I have no idea where he learned it, but we both started cracking up!

3. Just this morning, Butter slept in wayyy late. Like, almost 10 a.m. late. When I heard him up, I called him downstairs. Five minutes later, he finally came down stark naked. Apparently he felt the need to get dressed before he came down, and wasn’t pleased with the choice of clothing in his room.

4. We are using a new calendar app for families, and it has a place where you can put grocery lists. Yesterday I had to run out to buy some ingredients for a few recipes we’re making for tonight. When changes are made, they’re supposed to be instantaneous. Not so much when you have shoddy service in the grocery store you’re in. When the app says it’s refreshing, it tells you to shake the phone to move it along. I felt like a moron walking around the grocery store shaking my phone so I had a list of all the ingredients M needed for potato salad.

5. Butter just asked me if his brother was awake. He is standing right next to the highchair LB is sitting in. I think I’m going to need another pot of coffee this morning.


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    1. It’s called Cozi. It’s a family app that you can share and add people to! I just adore it! 🙂

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