Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

This week we’ve been go, go, going. Yesterday was the first day we had absolutely no plans. In fact, when I woke up with the same headache I had on Thursday afternoon, I said to myself, “The boys can veg in front of the TV and I can get a little rest in.”

. . . The best laid plans, and all that. I finally sat down for the first time yesterday at around 2 p.m. I’d been doing laundry, picking up, doing dishes, playing with the boys, etc. I mixed dough for dinner rolls – which turned out really well – and did a bunch of other stuff. When I sat down, LB had been down for a nap for about two hours and was starting to stir. I briefly considered crying when I thought he was going to wake up. Fortunately, he didn’t. I got about 20 minutes of peace before he woke up and we started playing again.

On to as many laughs as I can remember from this week.

5. Wednesday night, I was cooking dinner and turned around to find LB sitting in his high chair. He had climbed up by himself and was sitting there all, “Good game, let’s eat!” [Joke for the Phillies fans, sorry.]

4. Today is my mom’s birthday. We called her earlier this morning and when Butter got to speak with her, he said, “I’m gonna talk to you while Mommy and Pop get ready for your birthday party!” My mom lives in Williamsburg.

3. Butter ran around with a blanket this week saying, “I’m going to have a pick-mic!”

2. I e-mailed my doctor this morning about the lingering headache. He got back to me within half an hour of the first e-mail and M said, “I told you so.” He’s a riot.

1. We’re watching The Sandlot right now, and I’m just cracking up at some of the lines. They haven’t gotten to, “You’re killing me, Smalls,” yet, but I had forgotten just how much of this movie M and I can quote. We’ve been doing it since I put the movie on.


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  1. Haha- I got the joke. Not a Philies fan but my dad is:) So cute- they thought they were getting ready for the birthday party! Haha- I am going to have a picmick. #1 is so cute!

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