Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

This has been A Week.

My first week by myself with the boys since my surgery.

It’s kind of hilarious, though. They do and say funny things every day and I just love the comic relief they provide me.

So, on to today’s Top 5 Laughs.

5. I got a very interesting call from M last week. Seems he felt like he’d won Father of the Year because Butter hurt his ankle jumping off our deck. When I asked M why Butter was jumping off the deck, his response was, “I was teaching him to?” Apparently he wanted to teach Butter the correct way to jump off the deck so he didn’t hurt himself. Um . . .

4. During one of LB’s naps this week, I took Butter outside to play because the weather was gorgeous. We were drawing on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and I asked him to write a few letters for me. He very seriously told me, “I’m not very good a Ps, Mom.”

3. This one isn’t technically mine, but I had the blessing of attending Juli‘s reveal to her kids that they were going to Disney World this past week on Monday night. I couldn’t help but laugh when her daughter, ME, had the “Really?!” reaction. I also couldn’t help but think of Seth Meyers.

2. I’ve been watching Friday Night Lights pretty obsessively. In fact, most of my general tweets have been about it recently. I turned on an episode while the boys were playing this week and Butter said, “You’re still watching this?” I had no idea my child had an opinion on the TV shows I watch.

1. The other day, Butter announced he had to go potty. I followed him in there and jokingly said, “Phew. You stink!” He told me – with a face so straight I’m not sure how he didn’t realize what he was saying was hilarious – “Dat’s why I turned on da fan, Mommy.”

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3 Replies to “Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs”

  1. This is too funny. I especially love #5. I am fairly certain I’ll be getting a similar phone call sometime in the near future.

  2. So funny. I love the part with jumping off the deck. LOL at you still watching this. My daughter does this with Glee. Love #1- thats why I turn on the fan-LMAO!!! So funny! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!!

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