Meeska, Mooseka, Mickey Mouse!

Okay, confession time.

Butter watches way more TV than he probably should. It started around the time I got pregnant and continued from there. It’s not something I’m incredibly proud of, but ask any mom with a rambunctious two year told [or any age toddler, for that matter] and they’ll likely tell you that in the first trimester, their kid[s] watched way more TV than they should have. Like I said, I’m not proud of it but the 24/7 exhaustion didn’t help any.

One of the things we take pride in is that the TV he watches doesn’t have commercials [thereby helping us avoid the “I want it! I want it!” situation] so he sees a lot of PBS, PBS Sprout, and Playhouse Disney. Recently, this has become a source of major amusement and excitement in our house.

He adores Mickey Mouse Clubhouse [and we’re even trying to teach him to spell his name using the song, because it has the same number of letters as Mickey Mouse], and recently he’s been repeating the “magic words” to help the clubhouse appear. M was fixing breakfast for Butter one morning when he suddenly spouted off, “Meeska, Mooseka, Mickeeeey Mouse!” I finally heard it the next morning. He talks about Goofy and Donald all the time, and he loves to shout, “Oh Toodles!” at random times.

Suddenly I can’t wait to take my kid to Disney World.

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  1. Love this! Evan put off calling for Toodles so long. He only started it as we were really beginning to worry about his talking a few months ago. Now he is sure to tell me what Special Agent Oso is teaching someone today. He has asked me of Oso was going to come help him clean his room, too. Oh, no, buddy. Your mess. You clean it. He’s also a HUGE Handy Manny fan.

    When he was a newborn I would dress him, put him in his carseat, and park him in front of ESPN because I left for work a half hour before his dad did. Everyone told me that was soooo bad for him. Why? What’s the worst that can happen? He might learn to recite baseball statistics? Well, maybe not in Pittsburgh, but still… He would smile at Mike & Mike when they smiled at the camera. They were his morning friends.

    1. He’ll totally learn to recite PSU scores, though! 😉

      The debate about how much TV a kid should watch bugs me. We almost always have it on in the background (whether it’s music or something like an NCIS marathon), and I feel like he never REALLY pays attention to it unless it’s something he wants to see. He adores Mickey & Manny, but we never seem to catch much Special Agent Oso. He likes it when he does get to watch it, though. Other than that, he ignores it for the most part. Occassionally he’ll yell “Go, go, go Phillies!” during baseball (and football – yesterday during the Steelers game), but that’s only if he sees us get really excited about something.

      Bottom line is, he’s learning stuff from what he does watch. And I can’t really be upset about that.

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