You Get a Fever, and You Get a Fever, and You Get a Fever! EVERYONE GETS A FEVER!

You know, I thought it would be more fun pretending to be Oprah for a few minutes. It’s not.

As of Sunday morning, I still had a fever. I might have had one this morning, but I didn’t to check.

I’m the Mommy, that’s my prerogative.

But Butter had a fever yesterday, and felt bad enough that he actually took a nap when I suggested it was either that, or miss school today. Bear ran a little temperature today. Butter, per Pop Pop, looked awful when he was picked up at school today. I gave both boys Motrin and a lukewarm bath before I put them to bed. I have a sinking feeling Butter isn’t going to be able to go to school tomorrow, and that will trigger a special kind of meltdown only children who absolutely hate to miss school have.

Not that my parents would know anything about that.


I don’t especially want to have to explain to either of my children about how we’re going to probably cancel swimming lessons tomorrow because they’re both sick. My kids love their swimming lessons, and I really don’t care for the idea of breaking their hearts.

Good thing I have to work?


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