Vacuum Love

This is where I prove just what a nerd I am.

We got a new vacuum on Saturday. It’s a Hoover Windtunnel Rewind, and I think if it were legal to marry vacuums, I might try to a self union with this one.


If I showed you what it picked up out of my four year old carpet, you’d be amazed. But I failed to take a picture. I know, I know. Bad blogger! Suffice it to say, you can pretty clearly tell we probably should have gotten someone else to vacuum the living room carpet with the shop vac. Hey, in my defense, I was seven months pregnant when we moved into this house.

M had just put it together when I got home on Saturday, and he let me take it for the first spin.

This isn’t a sponsored post by any means. It’s just an “I love this product so much” post.

What’s your favorite household cleaning tool?

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    1. I’m so envious of the person you have in every other week. I can’t wait to get to that point in our lives again….

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