The Big Uneasy

Tuesday afternoon, I looked at an article on our local paper’s web site about a film Harry Shearer [the voice of Mr. Burns/Ned Flanders/Smithers, the bass player of Spinal Tap, was in A Mighty Wind, etc.] did called The Big Uneasy about the flooding that happened in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. I know M loves This is Spinal Tap – and he lived in New Orleans for a while – so I asked him if he’d be interested in going to see it.

We were child free on Wednesday night and he was off, so we decided to go, and I’m so glad we did.

There was a lot of information in the film, and if it’s playing in your area, I encourage you to try to go. Harry Shearer himself is sometimes present at the showings and the Q&A he did afterwards was nearly as informative as the film itself. I wish I could explain everything, but I can’t do it justice. I had the pleasure of spending time with my friend Kelly last week, and I’m dying to hear her opinion on it, so much so that I’m planning to buy her a copy of the DVD when it comes out.

Over all, it was just interested to learn the things the Army Corps of Engineers has gotten away with in the past. And will probably get away with in the future. Definitely an eye opener.

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