So, I did it.

I completed the #PhilliesCharities5K. And it was not nearly as awful as I thought it was going to be. Sure, I finished five minutes slower than I wanted to, but who cares?

I got this for my effort.
And I got this awesome post run snack.

Annnnnnd I got to do this. (Those are my feet on the far left. On the warning track at Citizens Bank Park. No big deal.)
Do I look as tired as I felt?

Andplusalso? I may or may  not have signed up for another 5K this weekend on the way home from that one.  My text message to my runner buddy who just ran a marathon last weekend definitely said, “Shut up.” Because he told me not to doubt I’d ever want to run again after Saturday.

I’ll post a better recap soon.

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    1. Because I got the survey, I think I’ll be on the list of people they email next year when registration is coming up. I will definitely let you know! It sold out in three hours this year!

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