I’m Ready to Get Back

Tomorrow, I plan on running for the first time in two weeks. You know, for the first time since M jinxed me.

My lungs aren’t 100%, but I can’t not run tomorrow. As of tomorrow, I have 33 days until the Phillies Charities 5K. I don’t want to walk much of it if I don’t have to, but with two weeks down the drain due to sickness? It looks like I’m going to walk more than I want to.

The fact that I’m doing it, and finishing it, is the important thing, right?

I just really don’t like that I haven’t run in two weeks.

I’m really excited. I just keep getting distracted tonight. Perhaps that is a sign I should shut down the computer & shut down my brain & just relax? It’s been a long day of things not fit for the internet.

Just the kind of thing I need to run to clear my head of. That probably doesn’t make sense to people who aren’t runners. Sorry.

But, yay! Feeling better!

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