Remember how yesterday I said I was considering skipping my run today, and that I wasn’t going to?

I did, because at one a.m., I was still up coughing. At that point, I turned my alarm off & decided to get up when my boys woke me up. My mom is here, and that’s been amazing, because she actually got up with the boys this morning. We’re lucky to have trained them to stay in the loft when they first get up. Gigi seems to have borne the brunt of their noise this morning.

I have every intention of getting up and running tomorrow morning, but if I’ve learned nothing else this week, it’s that I can’t do what my body doesn’t want to do. If I can’t breathe, there is no way I can run. For example, on Sunday I went down to the treadmill. I ran two intervals, then gave up and walked until the end of the chapter of the book I’ve been listening to while I’m down there. Those two intervals had me gasping for breath and nearly choking from all the coughing I was doing.

I still feel like I’m in a funk when it comes to blogging. There are a lot of things on my mind, but either they aren’t fit to print on the internet, or I’m just not ready to talk about them. Fellow bloggers – have you ever had that feeling?

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  1. Gigi was up way before the boys, and was already downstairs this morning. They didn’t even know someone was up & downstairs (and I had the TV on) until I coughed. That’s when they came down. I love my little blessings from Heaven.

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