That Time I Put Out 232,854,574,456,762,637 Resumes in a Week

That’s a rough estimate, by the way.

I feel like I’ve put out a LOT of resumes and had very few calls.

I figured it was because no one really wanted to hire me. You know what happens when I think no one wants me? I get cranky. Then my kids get cranky at me for being cranky with them. And then, M comes home to me being all, “OMGTAKEYOURCHILDRENBEFOREISELLTHEM.”

True story.

Then I got The Email That Changed My Life Resume.

A bit of a disclaimer. M has a big mouth. If he thinks anyone might even know someone who knows someone who might be looking for someone who works in my field, he will tell them about me. He even passed my resume out for me. Such a good husband. I know, I’m lucky.


I got an email, and I had a meeting with someone who offered to help me tweak my resume.

It looks so much better now. I’m proud of it. I can’t wait to send it out.

And I’m secretly hoping I won’t have to send out as many before I get a call.

Wish me luck.

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