I’ve Spent Entirely Too Much Time with Chris Pine Lately

Over a  year ago, when M proposed we rent the new Star Trek movie, I balked. I was never a fan of Star Trek, to the point where it put me to sleep whenever I found myself watching it for more than 5 minutes on television.

Color me surprised when I actually enjoyed the movie. [C’mon. Look at Chris Pine. And Zachary Quinto, for that matter. Tell me they don’t make watching a movie you think you won’t like a little easier, even if ZQ was rocking the Spock ears.]

We saw Unstoppable for our anniversary, because there really wasn’t anything else we felt like doing. Little Bear was in the NICU and I felt like we needed a little escape from reality for an afternoon. I have to agree, Chris Pine was a little too pretty for his role in that movie, even if they did try to scruff him up.

The other morning, Little Bear decided 4:30 was a good wake up time and would. not. go. back. to sleep. Star Trek is available to watch instantly on Netflix, so . . . I watched it. And then again, 2 days later. Just My Luck was on FX the other day, and I watched that, too.

In my defense, when I turned on The Princess Diaries 2 today, I didn’t realize Chris Pine was in it. I watched it anyway.

So really, I’ve spent entirely too much time with Chris Pine lately. But I do not regret it one bit.

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