I can’t figure out which is more addictive…

Pinterest or tumblr.

They both allow me to look at pretty things and either “pin” or reblog what I like best.

Pinterest is giving me the most ridiculous and lofty ideas for projects around the house. I’m just . . . so excited by things that I find there. I found this and I absolutely can’t wait to do it. I keep finding yummy foods I want to make, too.

Tumblr affords me pictures of Seth Meyers, who I’m not so secretly addicted to. It’s cool, M knows. But come on, Seth is a comedic genius, and pretty much the sole reason I watch SNL any more.

I’m addicted to crafty web sites and funny, good looking men.

There are worse things I could do. 😉

2 Replies to “I can’t figure out which is more addictive…”

  1. OMG… I want one! What a neat family picture!
    Can you imagine what size the paper would need to be if you did feet????? LOL

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