Do You Have Any Idea…

How many posts I have saved in my drafts?

Four. At least four. I’m too lazy to go look right now.

They’re posts I’ve started & have every intention of finishing, but then I get distracted by books & LOST [Yes, I realize I’m about nine years late to that party, but I don’t even care because if I want to know what’s going to happen on the next episode, I can just watch it right away instead of waiting six months on some crazy cliffhanger] & the things I need to do around my house [That list is long. I do not like that list.] & yada, yada, yada.

I wish I could add running to that list. But the truth is, I’ve run exactly twice in the past three weeks. BUT I HAVE AN EXCELLENT EXCUSE. You see, I’m a terminal klutz. I trip over flat surfaces. I don’t wear heels because I don’t like them, but also because I feel like I run the risk of falling off of them every time I do. I once broke my ankle by throwing a kick in a sparring match [true story; my mom heard the crack from the viewing area thingy of my karate school]. Oh, and then there was the time I jammed my finger my freshman year of high school playing basketball in gym, and then my swimming coach decided I should start practicing backstroke at practice that afternoon. You see where this is going, right? For those of you who don’t, I whacked my injured pinky finger off of the starting block because I counted my strokes from the flags incorrectly.

I’m telling you, Bella Swan has got nothing on me.


I was at work one morning, set up in a room I sometimes use when I have to take Bear with me [there is a TV & a collection of Veggie Tales DVDs in that room] & I was trying to move my stuff around so I didn’t have to jump up every time the phone rang. I was shifting things around, pulled on an Ethernet cable to attach it to my laptop, & knocked an end table over. No lie, my reaction was, “Ouch. That hurt. What copies did I need to make?” Twenty minutes later, I figured I should take a look to see how bad the bruise was.

I had a golf ball sized lump on my foot. At that point, it didn’t hurt, but I went downstairs & asked the nice gentlemen at the coffee shop if I could please have a bag of ice & a towel. I had planned on going running that afternoon. I most decidedly did not go running. In fact, I didn’t run again until last Saturday. My foot protested big time. It swelled & turned about four different lovely shades of purple & green. It didn’t like when I ran last night either, but I’ve decided no bruise can get me down.

Because I have convinced myself that’s all it is. Well, that & I had it x-rayed the Saturday after it happened. The thing is, it still hurts in the morning or when I finally sit down after a day of doing stuff. And the bruising has maybe started to shift to my toes. I’ve been told that’s perfectly normal & I don’t need to worry.

Which is good. Because I don’t especially need anything else to worry about right now. I have enough of that, thankyouverymuch. Including Kindergarten. Yikes.

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