36 Weeks

Pregnancy: 36 weeks.

Weight Gain: 15 pounds.n [I know the number is different from last week. I don’t know why. I can only say that I ate lunch right before going to my appointment last week and I didn’t eat anything before this past one.]

Sleep: Ahahahaha.

Gender: Boy.

Feeling: Pretty good. Getting up from sitting down sucks, but that’s because my pelvis is all, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!”

Health: It’s good. Lab work drawn at 35 weeks came back letting me know I might have a kidney stone [surprise?], but everything else was perfect.

Movement: He scared me a bit on Monday morning when I couldn’t get him to move, even after two glasses of water. Then I remembered that I took Tylenol PM on Sunday night and he was probably sleeping extra hard.

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