33 Weeks

Pregnancy: 33 weeks.

Weight Gain: 13 pounds.

Sleep: I’ve been in a near constant state of not getting enough sleep. For instance – last night I went to bed after midnight. I woke up before the 6:15 alarm. Makes no sense.

Gender: Boy.

Feeling: Like I’m not ready for ANYTHING. [See this post for a list of what I did, and forced M to do, on Sunday.]

Health: The doctor said the magic words last Friday. We’re going to start monitoring my blood pressure more closely, but the good news is there was no protein in my urine.

Movement: Pop got to feel one of his dance parties the other night. “Wow, he’s really moving in there!” Yes, M. Do you see why it hurts when he does those kinds of things? Ow.

2 Replies to “33 Weeks”

  1. Ugh. Sorry you got hit with the magic words. Hopefully nothing ever shows up. Take it easy, lady. Well, if possible…

    1. It’s partially my fault I heard those words, because I wore a well fitting long sleeved top that I couldn’t roll up. And I think this is about the time I heard all of that with Deacon, too. I’m not stressing any more than I have to about it. This time, I’m doing a lot as long as I can. If something wigs me out, I’m all, “STOP! NOW!” [I started seeing black spots the other day. THAT was fun. I immediately sat down.]

      Hope you are well! 🙂

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