32 Weeks

Pregnancy: 32 weeks.

Weight Gain: 12 pounds.

Sleep:  My neurologist asked me yesterday if I was sleeping well. I laughed out loud.

Gender: Boy.

Feeling: I think I’ve been hit by the nesting bug. What else explains my sudden desire last Sunday to scrub my kitchen backsplash?

Health: Blood pressure is good. Weight is awesome. I’m swelling by midday, but it’s not that bad.

Movement: He’s more fond of stretching than Butter was, and I’ve been pushing feet out of my ribs several times a day.

2 Replies to “32 Weeks”

  1. Hope sleep comes your way eventually…maybe once baby boy 2 is here you can take a well deserved mini vacation (aka make the man take care of the boys for a few hours so you can SLEEP).

  2. Trinity, when I was pregnant with Bethany, I thought she was pushing into my ribs. Turned out I was having contractions. When I went to the doctor and he asked me about my contractions, I said I wasn’t having any. I was having one when he was listening to the baby’s heart rate. She was born the next day.

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