Saturday’s Top 5 Laughs

I’m inspired today to post exactly one laugh, because I’m just too lazy to figure out what made me laugh this week. To be quite honest, it’s been A Week, but I’ll tell you all about that sometime next week. If you want to read about it. If you don’t, well, just skip that post.

Butter loves to use his chalk. We have two walls in our house that are painted with chalkboard paint. We did this because we figured if the boys [we did it when I was pregnant with Little Bear] had a place they were allowed to color on the walls, they wouldn’t color on the rest of the walls. Fat chance, as is evident by the spot on one wall Little Bear colored yesterday.

Anyway, Butter got his chalk out the other day while I was in the kitchen making dinner. Both of the boys were coloring happily and I asked Butter to come into the kitchen to do . . .  something for me.

This is what I was met with.


If you can’t see clearly, he put chalk on his lips like I put Chapstick on, only a bit wider.

I still laugh every time I look at it.


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