I was never dumb enough to assume parenting wasn’t an exhausting “job.”

I know there is a lot of work that goes in to being a parent. I realize that. I just didn’t realize being the mother of a preschooler and a toddler was going to be so exhausting.

This has been our week so far.

Monday, Butter started school. After LB and I went to pick him up, we all came home and had some quiet time. M got home shortly after 4 and we had dinner. Then we ran out to buy all the things! for Butter’s soccer team. [Cleats, socks, shin guards, shorts.] We got home after 8, and the boys were in bed before 9. I don’t remember what time I made it to bed, but it was probably later than I’d like. It usually is.

On Tuesday, I dropped Butter off at school, then came home to shower while LB hung out with Mickey for a few minutes. Pick up at 11:30, swimming at 12:15, to my in laws’ house 30 minutes away for lunch, home to clean sans kids for a few hours, back to in laws’ to have dinner and bring the kiddos home. LB was supposed to stay the night there, but plans changed. We’re flexible, so it was okay.

Wednesday, I had a workshop at 8:30, so M dropped Butter at school. I picked him up, then headed to the office to get a little work done. I was there about three hours and then had to rush to get the boys home in time to eat dinner so we could make 6 pm soccer practice.

Today, I had three interviews. I think they all went well, and I am hoping I have a big choice to make in the very near future. Fingers crossed, prayers said, all would be appreciated. This was on top of LB getting up last night and me being awake until 3 this morning. When the alarm went off at 6, I contemplated punching it. Then I remembered that my alarm is on my phone, and that would be bad.

Tomorrow, I feel like I get to breathe. Butter is off of school because of the holiday, and he’s headed out for the weekend to visit some family with Poppy. It’ll be just LB and me until M gets home from work. Saturday, my friend Rachel is coming in from Nashville. I’m so excited.

Even reading that schedule makes me [more] exhausted. I know it’s only just beginning, but how on earth am I going to survive roughly 16 more years of this?

[The answer is coffee.]

What do you to do to balance your time between work and your kids’ activities?

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