How to Make Your Toddler’s Day

Bonus points if making his day also makes yours.

Take him to swimming lessons, and let him get two lollipops after his teacher tells you what a great day he had. Make an extra big deal out of him doing his turns without prompting, doing his side breathing with very little prompting, and the teacher tell you he’s nearly ready to go in the BIG POOL all by himself. He’ll especially like the “all by yourself!” part, because every.single.thing. lately is, “I can do it by myself!”

When it’s his brother’s turn to swim, kiss his face all over. He’ll demand you stop, but when you pout, will want to make it better, so will kiss you in return. When he doesn’t listen if you ask him to stop, and says, “I won’t!” don’t get upset at him for talking back this one time. It’s adorable that he wants to keep kissing all over your face and he won’t want to do this for much longer. Take what you can get, and enjoy that your laughter is making him laugh harder.

When he catches you knitting during little brother’s nap time, promise to knit him a scarf when he asks. One day soon he won’t want anything to do with the things you make for him.

Agree to eat lunch outside. Knuckling down and making him come inside after about ten minutes will not be fun, but it must be done. After all, his little brother’s eyes have been watering since you walked out on the deck. Turn on the TV and let him dance to music on the toddler station afterward to make it up to him.

Love him. No one but God knows how many days you have together, but if you make the best of every one you’re given, it will always be a great day.


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