Heat Advisory? What Heat Advisory?

That may be exactly what came out of my mouth on Monday after I found out we’d had a heat advisory most of the day.

Here is what I know.

The boys came home from their weekend at Grandmom and Pop Pop’s on Sunday evening [apparently, two nights away when they’re in driving distance is my maximum]. Little Bear has been sleeping like a log and went down really easily that night. The next morning, M let me sleep in. After breakfast, he went to the coffee shop to patch up some holes in the wall from where artwork has been hanging, and my friend Eleanor [who was in for the weekend from NYC] and I were left with the boys.

No big deal.

Little Bear had gotten up fairly early, but started rubbing his eyes right after breakfast. Shortly after LB went down for his nap, I asked Butter if he wanted to go outside and play with his “sandcastle.” He did, so we all went out to the deck. Then he wanted to play with bubbles. After a bit, he started complaining that it was too hot, so I went to the basement to look for a water play mat I knew we’d bought when he was about 18 months old. It’s either still at my in laws’ house or gone.

I wracked my brain for something to do for him. I sent M a text asking him where the sprinklers were, found it, and hooked it up to the house. Butter proceeded to play in that thing for well over three hours. He took a break to blow some more bubbles, then for lunch, but he went back to it often.

I envision lots of days spent like this.

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