Happiness is…

  • Playing cars with my boys.
  • Giggling while trying to sing cheesy pop songs.
  • Snacks and Icees at Target after school.
  • Warm fleece blankets on chilly nights.
  • A four year old who actually listens.
  • Smiles, hugs, and laughs with my husband.
  • Catching up with old friends.
  • Watching movie trailers after the kids are in bed and making a dream list of what we’d like to see.
  • Bed time books, always ending with a memorized recitation ofGoodnight Moon. [Especially when Butter starts it.]
  • Sneaking into a dark room to tuck the covers just a little tighter around them.
  • Kids who sleep all night. [I’m looking at you, Little Bear.]
  • A warm bed and a good book.

Though I fail to see it sometimes? Life is good.

No, life is amazing.

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