Boyless Parenting

That’s totally a thing, right?

My kids have been with their grandparents since Friday night. Saturday, I managed to get our master bedroom completely clean, for the first time in forever. Yesterday, I did a  bit of light stuff, but mostly napped and worked on something for a friend because I head a headache. [Side note: I AM SO GLAD I SEE MY DOCTOR TOMORROW.] Today, I cleaned the rest of the upstairs. Then I went downstairs and all I’ve managed to do is apply stain remover to a bunch of white t-shirts and sort laundry.

Both of us have talked to at least Butter each day. Little Bear got some help and called me today, then proceeded shout, “Pop Pop!” in my ear. Just before we hung up, he did say Mama. It made me happy.

We miss the little buggers. We do. Even though tonight, we were able to have ice cream for dinner. [We’re the grown ups. We can do that. Sorry, kids.] And I was able to actually sleep in this morning, because I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep tonight. It’s been good. It’s been nice to get things done without the kiddos underfoot to “help.”

I just can’t wait for tomorrow when I get to hug my babies.


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