Can you fix my damage?!

It’s terrible of me to be quoting Dane Cook, but I had that bit going through my head almost all of Tuesday afternoon. This is why:

I had a bit of an accident on Tuesday afternoon. I’m fine, Foo is fine, the only thing that’s injured is my car. No big deal. I’m waiting for the insurance adjuster to call & am dropping the car off at the body shop tomorrow.

So here’s what happened: There’s a construction crew working on something near my office. Not entirely sure what they’re doing, but they’ve been there since Tuesday. Around 1:15 on Tuesday, I pulled out of my office to head home. I had a huge list of things I wanted to get done that afternoon because we didn’t have any plans [surprisingly!]. It wasn’t much, I wanted to start packing the hospital bag, clean up some stuff, maybe pick places to hang some of the pictures on our bare walls, etc. So I’m driving home & the construction crew lady who, who is holding one of those Slow/Stop signs, directs me to pull into the far left lane. I was mildly annoyed, but I can’t control construction, so I obliged her. I was not aware that after directing about ten cars into the left lane, the crew was directing the next group of cars into the center lane. I thought it was weird that we were all in the left lane when the center lane looked perfectly clear, but again, I’m not going to question the construction crew. For a split second, I considered taking the long way home instead of making my standard right hand turn for the “shortcut.” I saw a school bus turn right at the light, so I check my mirror, didn’t see anything & assumed I’d be fine. You know what they say about assuming things…

I’m still not sure whether the van hit me or I hit the van. The couple in the van was very nice & I have a feeling seeing me get out of the car with a gigantic belly had something to do with that. They didn’t care about their car or anything, they were concerned that Foo & myself were okay. The husband & I sat in a police officer’s car for about an hour while he filled out the accident report on his computer & gave us a Driver’s Exchange of Information form. I wish I could say I was joking. I’ve heard that the accident report is going to be mailed to me. Who knows if I’ll ever see it.

Got home, called the doctor’s office because I wanted to see if they wanted me to get checked or anything. My nurse called back in record time & said that even though I was pretty sure I hadn’t hit my belly [maybe I bumped it on my arm rest?], I needed to go to L&D for monitoring. Got there, talked to the triage nurse & found out I was supposed to be there four hours. Luckily, the attending OB/GYN decided that since Foo was having a field day kicking the monitors [oh, he did NOT like them at all!] & I kept telling them I wasn’t in pain, I was just annoyed that I had to be there that long, she was going to call my OB & see if we could go home. 45 minutes after I was connected to the monitors, we were sent home. Awesome.

Long story short, I’m doing fine, Foo’s doing fine, my car will be fixed & I’m still waiting to hear who’s fault it is, blah blah blah.

And I still haven’t packed the hospital bag….

It’s been a busy weekend around here.

Foo’s room is completely cleared out thanks to my dad & Husband. When we moved in, I had this brilliant idea to put all of the boxes we needed to sort through in the baby’s room, thinking it would force me to go through them & get them out of there a little faster than I would if they were in the basement. Apparently I was wrong. They’ve just been hanging out since we moved in & I decided yesterday that they had to go. Dad & Husband carried everything from the second floor of our house to the basement [they’re rock stars, I tell you!]. Now all we need is stuff for the baby & well… the baby. Then it’ll be a complete room. I honestly can’t believe how far behind I am on the nursery thing. Most women I know have it done by now. I’ve barely even started. Oh well. It’ll get done. Besides, it’s not like Foo’s going to know if there aren’t any pretty things hanging on his walls when he comes home from the hospital, right?

What else have we done? Husband got a bunch of stuff hung up in our bathroom [I’ll refrain from shouting “Finally!” from the rooftops]. We’re just waiting on some closet organizers to get everything put away in our master bedroom. I have all kinds of plans for that room, but with the baby coming I’m sure they’ll get shoved to the back burner.

Happy Father’s Day to any dads out there! Hope it’s a wonderful day for all of you. 🙂

Blog, the first.

It seems very popular amongst my friends these days to have a blog, so I figured “What the heck?” Let’s hope I update this thing more frequently than I do the family web page I set up over a year ago. In my defense, I’ve long since forgotten the password I used for that website.

So. Introductions. If you’re reading this, you must know something about us. Otherwise, I’m not quite sure how you’ve found us. I’m MamaPhan, my husband is Husband & we are currently awaiting the arrival of “Baby Foo” sometime in late July. Foo is a little boy & quite the show off. Unfortunately, he didn’t show off enough for his daddy, so Husband’s going on my word & the word of the ultrasound technician that Foo’s a boy. Why Foo? Apparently my kid likes loves the Foo Fighters. We saw them in concert recently & he danced & danced. He still dances if they come on the radio & it’s turned loud enough for him to hear it. Crazy kid already. What can I say, I’m blessed. And yes, Foo has a real name. We’ve chosen not to share it until he makes his grand entrance into the world.

We’re trying to do this whole child birthing thing naturally. Or rather, I am. Husband is 100% behind me & has been really supportive. I’m lucky to have that in my life & I try not to take it for granted.

The story behind the name of the blog? We’re Phillies fans. Poor Foo doesn’t have a chance. Totally kidding. As long as he doesn’t decide at five that he’s the world’s largest Yankees/Red Sox/Mets/Marlins fan, we’ll support him. He has no choice about his football team though. He’s going to bleed Steelers black & gold just like his mommy. 🙂 Foo’s daddy isn’t a Steelers fan, he’s a Minnesota Vikings fan. Really quite harmless.

Cross your fingers that I update often enough for everyone. If I don’t, I give you permission to shank me [you know who you are ;)].