Update on the Noggin

I haven’t written about my head in what feels like forever. Not that I’m complaining, because that means it hasn’t really been bothering me.

The most annoying thing about my head right now is the hair growing back from where it was shaved for the two surgeries. Yesterday after a nap on the couch, the hair from the second surgery [which usually hides pretty well] was sticking out. M said it was adorable. I did not agree. I have to part my hair a different way now because of the stuff growing in from the first surgery, but that’s not a huge deal to me. I just feel like I’m living in the 90s again.

You know, it’s not until I read stuff about things happening to other people [have you read this blog?] that I realize how good we have it. Brain surgery and being out of work seem like a cake walk when compared to fighting for your babies’ lives, against what the doctors keep telling them. Please keep Diana and her family in your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road ahead of them, but their story has already made a difference.


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