A couple of weeks ago, I met with a local doctor for a pre-angiogram consultation. I actually learned a lot of pretty interesting stuff about myself that day, for example: the main artery that runs up the back of your neck [and is really hard to see without an angiogram] is supposed to be a little smaller than your carotid arteries. Mine are about the same size. Also, there are supposed to be branches off of them when they come together in the brain. I’m missing those major branches. He also mentioned that I might be lacking blood flow to the front of my brain.

This is a picture of a normal MRA:

So, what’s going on? The doctor I saw wants me to go to UPenn to see a specific kind of neurologist/cardiologist [which he is, but I can’t remember what they’re called] who deal specifically with blood vessels in the head, neck, and spine. The doctor I’m to see in Philly will determine [hopefully] whether or not I’m a candidate for the type of bypass surgery the doctor in Delaware thinks I may need. I need to go to Philly before I have the angiogram, so that’s been put on hold. The way he described the surgery is kind of cool, though. They’d bore holes into my skull, and move blood vessels that run along my skull to touch my brain. Somehow, they figure out there’s not a lot of blood flow, and start branching out like crazy.

I made a comment to M to, “Imagine how smart I’d be if I had full blood flow to my brain.” [I was joking, for the record.] Later that day, I told my dear friend Rachel what I’d said. She told me, “If this is stupid you, watch out after you have surgery!” I laughed, but really, that’s an amazing compliment.

So that’s that. Again, feel free to ask questions.

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