Three Weeks Post Op

I really should have gotten M to take a picture this morning, because I’m amazed at how different I look from three days post op. Honestly, unless you look hard for my scar, you can’t really tell I’ve had surgery.

Obviously, I can. Especially when my head hurts really badly. But honestly, I think I’m doing well.

I’m super glad my in laws’ miss their grandkids, though. I get a night to clean up around the house, maybe go see an old friend tonight, and just . . . relax.

I’ll have M take a pic tonight after he gets home and post it soon.

Does anyone have any questions about my recovery? I feel like it’d be easier to answer them at once.

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  1. How soon will you know if the surgery worked? Are they still going to have to do a second surgery? How are you feeling now in comparison to before the surgery? Is your pain from the surgery or are you still having migraines/headaches?

    sorry, i’ve been thinking of you but didn’t want to overwhelm you with questions before. I’m glad you seem to be recovering so well. I’m a week past you and still having issues :-/

  2. You’re one of the bravest people I’ve ever met and I’m honored to know you. No one ever knows how they would react to such a rare and potentially, what? Debilitating? Fatal? Life changing? illness until and unless we’re faced with it. You, with a toddler, a baby (and that was a journey, too, wasn’t it?) and M, of course … you’ve faced it all and have gotten a rare glimpse of your own true character as you’ve undergone surgery and faced the unknown. Whether you see it yet or not, that’s a gift that not many of us have been given — or will ever be given. I cannot begin to imagine everything you’ve been through, felt, and are still going through. All I can say is that I hope, in the same or similar circumstances, I’d be able to face such a life challenge with as much grace for living as you have.

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