Remember That Whole I Had Brain Surgery Thing?

It’s not like you could get away with not remembering it. I’ve talked about it a few times here.


Yesterday I had a follow up with my stroke neurologist, Dr. Messé.

I asked about having a follow up angiogram. He said he’d prefer to do an MRI/MRA if possible, and that I will potentially never have to have an angiogram [related to Moyamoya, anyway] again. I may have done a happy dance. We’ll see what Dr. Zager says when I go to my follow up appointment with him, though. It’s all up the surgeon, isn’t it?

There were a lot of questions. How are you feeling? What’s changed since the surgeries? Are you drinking enough water? Are you still taking aspirin? Do you promise to get this blood work done? How much alcohol do you drink? How much water do you drink on an average day?

Are we seeing a theme here?

Apparently, it’s very important for me to stay hydrated.  [I’ve known this since August.] Other than telling me that several times, I have an all clear from him to fly to California in two weeks. Wait, I haven’t mentioned that, have I? Oh, well. I’m going to visit friends in California in two weeks! I asked specifically about flying that far, because I know it can be kind of strenuous on the body. All he said was to keep myself hydrated. So if you see a woman at the Philadelphia airport buying out the water in one of the shops at 5:30 in the morning in two weeks? That’s me. [This is one of those moments I really hate the fact that I can’t take water through security. I’d take one of my large reusable bottles with me if I could.]

The general consensus is I’m doing really well. He was impressed with me having spent only two nights in the hospital after both surgeries. What can I say? I’m a rock star of brain surgery. The only real concern either of us had was that I sometimes get dizzy when I stand up too fast. This is a development since the second surgery, and when it happened, my mom said something about it being the blood pressure medication I’ve been on since LB was born. Dr. Messé agreed. I have to take my blood pressure often and report back to him if it gets too low. I’m on one of the lowest doses of the particular medication I’m on, but it’s possible to cut it in half if need be.

Anyone have any questions?

[No smarty pants questions like “Are you keeping hydrated?” please.]


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  1. No questions. Sounds like you’re doing awesome but I knew you would. Otherwise, just wanted to give you a quick <3 because you amaze me. Truly. Love you friend!

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