Recovery Redux

I have to admit, recovery from my second surgery has been part easier, part funnier, and part two hour long blinks. [I will explain further.]

I’m still having a difficult time remember a lot of things. I’ve asked my mom and M to repeat themselves more times than I care to admit. The incision site this time is actually completely hidden by my hair, because it’s much further back on my head and my surgeon/surgical team made sure to only cut/shave the hair absolutely necessary to make the correct incision. If my hair is down or pulled back, you cannot see the stitches [also different from last time, when I had 40 staples] at all, save a few near my ear if you actually look for them.

Three days after my surgery, I made dinner. I didn’t take any naps that day, and it was very noticeable when I didn’t wake up the next morning until 11:30 a.m. The next night, I wasn’t able to get to sleep until six a.m. I sent my mom a text that said as much, and that it was a “two hour blink” kind of day. To clarify, I had one of those the week before my surgery. I don’t know why, but I had a day where I could not stay awake for the life of me. I was lucky enough that the kids were with their grandparents so I was actually able to close my eyes for a couple of hours.

There have been a couple of days like that thus far. In fact, I believe today is one of them. I get distracted easily. My attention span is essentially nonexistent. Tonight I’m making chili, which I hope turns out well. I’ve made it before, so I’m really not that worried, and I have a lot of extra help. Maybe too much help sometimes. [I’m kidding. Maybe.]

I took a four hour nap today. It would appear I needed it.

So, no questions this time around?

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