Moyamoya update

Have I mentioned that I’m lazy?



Because I need to pick up films of my MRI and MRA. I also need to get an appointment scheduled with UPenn. In my own defense, I did call them last week to see if they had my records, but they haven’t called me back, so I’m assuming they don’t.

Not to worry. I knew I had a follow up appointment with my doctor scheduled for some time in May. It’s May 24, and hopefully it’s an in and out appointment [wherein I kind of complain because how hard is it for his secretary to call me back?] and I’ll be able to get my records forwarded to the doctor at UPenn.

At some point, I guess I should pick up the CDs of my tests, right?


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  1. Go around his secretary and ask for his office’s records department. Have them send them over to UPenn instead of waiting on doc’s secretary. 🙂

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