Inside My Head

Pretty sure I was told back in April about going to the University of Pennsylvania to see a neurological specialist. So you’re probably wondering what ever came of that.

I really did call in April. I swear it. I was told they needed to see if they had my records and they were going to call me back.

They never did.

May came, and with it, a trip to see my neurologist here. But, oh wait, it was rescheduled. For June. Okay then.

My June appointment came around and I told my doc I hadn’t heard from Penn. I got copies of my lab reports [even though his secretary said she’d sent them already] and orders to call.

I finally did yesterday. And oh, what a nightmare it was.

MP: “I’d like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Z, please.”
“What’s the reason?”
MP:”I have Moyamoya.”
“Have you had any tests done?”
MP: “Yes, an MRI and an MRA.”
“When were they done.”
MP: “January and February.”
“They can’t be older than three months.”

:blink blink blink: I’m sorry, what? I proceeded to tell the secretary lady that I’d tried to set up an appointment in April and was never called back. Again, I was told she’d check for my records and call me back. This time she did.

After I e-mailed the referring doctor [the one I met with about the angiogram that wasn’t] asking him just why┬ámy tests had to be that recent, I finally got a call back. And miracle of miracles, as I was on the phone with the Evil Secretary, my records were coming across on the fax machine.

So I got to register with the University of Pennsylvania health system and finally got to schedule my appointment. It’s August 3 and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I’ll let you know when I figure it out, though. I was also told that because of my insurance, I need a referral letter from my primary physician. Who knows absolutely nothing about my head. Huh.

Sometime yesterday afternoon, I got a call back from the doctor who referred me to Penn. The doctor I’m seeing is this guy’s mentor, so apparently he called the doctor on his cell phone. Dr. Z was in surgery and Dr. S [referring doctor] was kind of livid. I really appreciate him for taking the time to call me and assure me that the secretary was pretty much insane. He said, “I went through training there. They’re going to redo the tests anyway.”

That’s what I thought, too.

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