Can you hear the sound of me snoring through your screen? I’m sure it’s loud enough.

Two days ago, we switched LB’s crib to a toddler bed.

After we gave the boys a bath on Sunday night, he ran into their room and climbed up on his bed, totally nudeWell, after he pulled the blanket off and moved it to his brother’s bed. He loved his bed. Until, you know, it was time to actually go to sleep. Then he managed to tear the knob cover off of the door handle.


Don’t judge. It’s been there since Butter was a toddler and would open his door when he didn’t want to be in his room – which was SUPER INCONVENIENT during nap time. While Butter can work around these now, Little Bear cannot. Apparently, Sunday night, the cover offended him. M eventually laid down on the floor of their room until LB was asleep.

I had that pleasure last night. Here’s where the really amusing thing comes in.

Have I talked about how Bear knows what he wants? If he doesn’t like the way something is going, he’ll let you know about it. OH BOY, WILL HE LET YOU KNOW. Just yesterday, I was folding clothes and asked him to throw away a dryer sheet. He told me no. The time before that when I asked him? He told me no and pointed to his brother. I can’t fault him for knowing what he wants, but I am not looking forward to the next year and a half of his life.

So anyway. I have this thing where I will pat his back or bottom when I’m trying to get him to calm down/go to sleep/quit whining. It’s a pattern I feel like I made up when Butter was little, and it just continued with LB. At one point last night, I was patting LB’s bottom. Then I wasn’t. I thought he was asleep and I was going to be able to escape the uncomfortable bedroom floor.

I thought wrong.

I saw his little hand reach through the slats of the railing, so I reached up and laid my hand next to his so he could hold it if he wanted. He did not want to hold my hand. No, he grabbed my hand and proceeded to move it to his bottom and pat up and down a few times.

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to pass out from the cute or start saving immediately for an Ivy League school. Really, either is a good choice, right?

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