We Meet Again.

In parenthood, and mostly likely motherhood specifically, there exists a kind of amnesia.

You know, you decided to have a second child because you forgot the woes of pregnancy, the pain of delivery, and the sleepless nights. When they come around the second [or third, or fourth] time, you feel gobsmacked. A, “WHY, OH WHY, DID I/WE DO THIS AGAIN?” moment.

It’s even bigger when it involves ages of your children.

I forgot how much “fun” two is. Fun like a migraine. Fun like having a tooth pulled. Fun like having a two & a four year old in the same house at the same time & just barely managing to keep all of your hair on your head.

Because, yes, I have considered tearing it all out lately. There’s an episode of Sid the Science Kid where the kids are pretending to be different ages. At one point, Sid’s friend Gerald looks at him & asks what they can do to pretend to be two years old. Sid thinks for a minute, then starts shouting, “No! No! No! No! No!” [I tried to find a video of it, but even searching the PBSKids site didn’t help me. Boo.]

Guess what Bear’s favorite word is.

Everything is, “NO!” right now. Just as emphatically as it looks, too. Really, everything is pretty emphatic with him right now. If we turn off the TV, he shouts, “BACK ON!” at us. He will sometimes throw screaming/crying fits when he doesn’t feel like having his clothes changed. Just tonight, we got home from the grandparents’ house & he threw a tantrum because he didn’t want to take his coat off.

His coat.  You’d have thought I was murdering him for all the shouting he did.

Thank goodness this is the last time we have to do this. Because I don’t know if I could handle it again. I really don’t.


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  1. In 2-3 years, this won’t matter so much. So keep your chin up (and your hair on your head), it WILL get better. I promise!!

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