Mortgaging My Kid, Part One

I think this is going to have to be a several part post, and it will be a lot of numbers, so please bear with me.

It’s Little Bear’s story, a story of how he went from this:

to this:

and finally, to this:

Let’s start with November 17, 2010November 20, 2010.

I can’t find an Explanation of Benefits [EOB] for the initial visit to Labor & Delivery, so I’m assuming it’s been wrapped into the cost of my c-section care. And I’m not entirely sure I’m following the EOBs correctly, because a lot of stuff for Little Bear is under my name [the entire time he was in the NICU, he was referred to as Baby Boy MamaPhan LastName].

For various reasons, I’d always planned to have a c-section when Little Bear was born. It was scheduled for November 29, 2010, but obviously my body had other ideas. You can read his birth story here; this is an accounting of just how much Little Bear’s birth actually cost us [and it’s a testament to why, though I complained about my health insurance for a long time, I’m learning to keep my mouth shut as these EOBs roll in].

The cost of having a c-section and having my tubes tied [which was something I’d literally decided on a week before Little Bear was born. I hadn’t even discussed the possibility with my OB before I went into the hospital] totals: $4,985. My co-pay for the surgery was $50.

The total for c-section care was $11,400.65. Our co-pay is $1,500 for 3 days in the hospital. Anesthesia was $3,120. We didn’t have any out of pocket costs for that.

So far, we’re up to $19,505.65, just for Little Bear to be born, and the care I received afterward. We’re out $1550. I’d say we’re in the clear as far as that goes.

I cannot say enough about the doctors and nurses who cared for me before, during, and after Little Bear’s birth. Aside from being annoyed that I had to answer the same several questions, they were fantastic. And though my doctor wasn’t the one to do the surgery like we thought she’d be, afterward everyone [and I do mean everyone] commented on how fantastic my incision looked. It actually became a running joke between M & myself because they’d say, “Let’s look at your incision,” followed by, “Wow, that looks great!” Let me also say that they’re pretty much saints for dealing with my fits of rage the day after Little Bear was born because I just wanted to see my baby, damn it.

I’m fairly certain I told the PA from my OB’s office in some really colorful language that I wasn’t going to eat anything until I could see Little Bear.


Like I said, I’ve complained about my insurance in the past. Loudly. Especially when we got all the bills for my “migraine” in August, and the tests that followed [we still hadn’t hit the deductible at that point]. Knowing that we’re only paying $1,550 out of nearly $20,000? I feel very grateful to have insurance right now, and my appreciation only grew when I got the EOB for the NICU.

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  1. wow…that is awesome and a blessing! i know how frustrating insurance companies can be….well back when i used to have insurance, lol.

  2. such beautiful, beautiful children. I am sooooo proud of all of you and love you all beyond what words can say!!!!!

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