Little Bear, We Need to Talk

Really, kiddo. We need to have a chat about this growing up thing.

You’re nine months old today. NINE.

You still have six teeth but with the way you chew on everything, I’m certain more are coming. You’re still working on the crawling thing. You can do the army crawl like no one’s business, and you definitely get up and rock back and forth on your hands and knees, but you haven’t quite worked out how to go. [That’s perfectly okay. Mommy isn’t ready for two mobile, fast children. At least while you’re army crawling, I can catch you.]

I’m pretty sure food is your favorite thing ever. Your eyes light up when you see a bottle. You’ve starting playing Pat-a-cake. You love to play “Peek-a-Bear.” [Yeah, you’re also stuck with a totally embarrassing Mommy. Sorry, but thems the breaks, kid. You and Butter can bond further with your “OMG MOM!”s in the future.]

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