Little Bear Has a Secret

For a while, we’ve all been lamenting about how Little Bear wasn’t walking.

Last week, my father in law said he walked from the steps in their basement to where he was standing. And then he walked down the middle of the hall while Butter was going potty.

Last Sunday, he staggered around with his bottle at church. It was almost like, if he had something in his hands, he would walk. Otherwise, he’d hold on for dear life.

Today, I totally caught him in the act. Okay, it was my fault, but still. I let go of his hand when he was several steps away from the couch. He finished walking to it with absolutely no problem at all.

Little Bear, your secret is out.

You can totally walk.

And Mama is calling you out on it.

Next time you want to be carried, I’m not going to do it. You have shoes now; you can walk. I’ll hold your hand [even though I know you don’t need it], and help you along. But you no longer fool me. You can, and you will, walk.

Mama’s aching back says so.


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