LB at the Doctor

Today, I had the honor of taking LB for his One Year Check Up.

I also had the honor of making Butter get a flu shot, which he was not very happy about. At all. He demanded a sticker and cookies after that fiasco, but that’s a story for another day.

Little Bear [and Butter, for that matter] has had a cold for the past week or so. Even his doctor said none of her well baby visits in the past two weeks have been actual “well baby” visits. Then she heard him cough, and thought he was going to sound all kinds of juicy when she listened to his lungs. For the record, he did not.

He does have a double ear infection, and I feel horrible about it. I had no idea. She cleaned some wax out of his ear [side note: how many grown women does it take to hold a one year old down to get his ears cleaned out? Apparently, 2.5.] and saw puss in both ears.


I texted M right away and told him I pretty much won Mother of the Year because I hadn’t noticed. Even my Mom, who went with me – because I can’t drive yet and that’s the stupidest rule ever – said he hasn’t been acting like his ears are infected. He hasn’t been pulling on them. He hasn’t been doing anything other than coughing at night, and he’s still sleeping all night. I should probably count myself lucky. I really should.

But I still feel horrible. I feel like crap because my baby is sick and I had no idea.

For the record, he’s 25.15lbs and has grown 9 inches in the past year, for a total of 29.5 inches.

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  1. Don’t beat yourself up too much, mama. He’s clearly growing well. I just had a similar experience. M’s been sleeping fairly well, but he’s been a little fussy, coughing a bit. No fever or anything like that. But he was *just* fussy enough for me to justify a trip to the ped — plus, he was happy at home, but giving my DCL a run for her money. (HA!) He has an ear infection we are treating now.

    Don’t you wish they would just scream their heads off so we would know?? I think kids who have a lot of ear infections, like my Kate, don’t react strongly because they are used to the pain, which sounds terrible.

    Hang in there. No mama’s perfect!

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