I Need to Get Motivated. . .

To do Little Bear’s name for the wall in the boys’ room, that is.

I found this on Pinterest and knew immediately it’s what I wanted to do. I just need to get a frame large enough [his name is only four letters], buy the crayons, and actually find the time to do it.

I feel bad. Butter’s name is both above the door to their room and hanging on the wall. We just haven’t done anything for LB. Poor kid’s getting the shaft, or a healthy dose of second child syndrome.

So. Someone kick my rear if I don’t do this soon? You’re awesome.

2 Replies to “I Need to Get Motivated. . .”

  1. Ooh I like it! Buy the crayons now while they are only 40 cents a box! Back to school time is the best time to buy crayons!

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