Happy 6 Month Birthday!

Happy six month birthday, Little Bear!

You really gave us a run for our money when you were born, but you’re growing by leaps and bounds, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have you in our lives.

Your big brother thinks you’re just the most amazing thing in the world. He loves to make silly faces at you, and sings Twinkle, Twinkle to you when you cry. He gets more laughs out of you than anyone else, too.

We’re really excited about this Saturday, because we’re going to a party for NICU graduates. We can’t wait to show the nurses how much you’ve grown!

You love when Mommy noms on your cheeks, and you love when Pop tickles you. You’ve got two teeth, and your teeth in general are giving you hell. Other than that, you’re a really happy baby.

You look like your Pop, but you have Mommy’s disposition – you’re so serious sometimes! I swear I can see you shaking your head and rolling your eyes at me sometimes.

We all love you so much, Little Bear.

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